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Card Hobby Corner

Recommended products

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Card Protection

Guard Your Cards: essential products for card protection

  • Penny Sleeves - a thin and clear protective 'sleeve' for individual cards. They can also offer an additional layer of protection when used with a Top Loader or Semi-Rigid holder, which is what we ALWAYS recommend. 

  • Top Loaders - Rigid plastic holders that provide extra protection and support for cards. These come in a variety of sizes, so it's important to know the point (i.e. thickness) of your card so you can ensure a proper fit. 20pt, 35pt and 55pt are the most common. 

  • Semi-Rigid Holders - Sturdier than penny sleeves but more flexible than top loaders, some hobbyists prefer semi-rigid holders. They do an excellent job holding the card (within the penny sleeve) in place so it doesn't shift around. Most all grading companies require cards to be submitted in a semi-rigid holder. 

Card storage

Essentials to Safeguard & Store Your  Collectibles

There are a variety of card storage options:

  • Standard 2, 3, 4+ row 

  • Graded Card 'Shoe Box' 

  • Graded Card Cases

  • Penny Sleeve and Top Loader Binders

The BCW Amazon Shop has a TON of storage solutions!

Are you looking to add some more tools and/or supplies to your arsenal? 

  • 6x10 bubble mailers are a very versatile mailing option. They work great for card lots, multiple graded cards, etc. 

  • The magnified loupe with light is an incredible tool. See corner and edge wear at 20-30x magnification!

  • Are you tired of printing off shipping labels and taping them to your envelope/bubble mailer/box? The thermal label printer is a GAME CHANGER! Easy set-up, no ink, nearly hassle-free...highly recommended!! I have also used this LabelRange 300DPI model, and it's an excellent choice, especially at the $100-ish price point. 

Card tools/supplies

Smooth sailings; grade with confidence

Card Displays

Frame Your Passion: Card Wall Display Solutions

Your collection deserves a spotlight! Take a look at these display cases.


If you have a display you would like to showcase on our site, please let us know!

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